What We Do
Golden Mean Entertainment is devoted to its clients. Our job is to get your music to the right people while making sure that you can still control it if you choose. We do this in a variety of ways.
Golden Mean Management
As managers, we make sure that our artists are properly developed, marketed and protected. From organizing photo shoots to overanalyzing a marketing restriction clause in a recording contract, we make sure that your music is made, that your music is out there, and that no one is stealing it (either illegally or under the guise of a major recording deal). Golden Mean currently represents two clients. Kali Fam, a rap group from the Bay Area, and Lotus, a rock group from New York City. Because our style of management is so time consuming, we are currently not looking for new clients in this area.
Golden Mean Music
Publishing is far and away the most important asset for an artist. Because most recording deals will not pay you any money after your initial advance, it is your publishing that keeps food on the table before that big tour or merchandising deal. Golden Mean Music is the publishing arm of Golden Mean Entertainment. We make sure that your music is properly catalogued and registered. We also submit your music to various advertising, film and television companies to solicit use in those formats. We check up on your record label to ensure they are current on their mechanical royalty payments. And finally, we make sure no one is using your music without paying you for the use of your composition. We currently represent Rob Lo, one of the hottest producers in the Bay Area. We are currently interested in submissions.
Golden Mean Consulting
Many startup labels are smart enough to know that they can do it themselves, but often times have never navigated through the murky waters of an independent release. Golden Mean can help you through by offering timely advice and connecting you with the proper channels for outsourcing distribution and marketing. We currently consult AKBR Records, out of the Bay Area, on the release of their newest album from the Jacka entitled "The Jack Artist."